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What is BlueAsters?
BlueAster is a stellar simulation, it wants to resume the taste of the arcade games of the '80s. In BlueAsters it is possible to travel in the space trough asteroid fields driving cool starships!.

BlueAsters is free?
You can download BlueAsters for free on the Android Market. You can find an ad-supported version and a full version for some Euro cents. You can simply scan this QR code:
blueasters qrcode

What are the BlueAsters stats?
In BlueAsters there is a highscores global system where you can see all the pilots in the galaxy!

I need register in some way to be recorded in the BlueAsters highscores system?
No. You send your score when a game is finished directly from your smartphone.

What are BonusPacks?
During the game it is possible to find some bonuses launched from the Space Mother Station. There are some bonuspacks in the game like bonus for missles, shields, and... extra bonus points ;)

Does BlueAsters support a multiplayer game mode?
Not at this moment, but it is under analisys ;)

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